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The ESN Provider Sales Program offers consumers like yourself, an easy and convenient way to purchase commercial espresso equipment directly from their preferred local espresso service provider. When commercial espresso equipment is purchased a third party retailer, typically you will not have a choice in which service company will install and provide the services outlined in your purchase. What this means is that you will receive service but may not necessarily be provided with the right service provider for you and your business.

When you purchase equipment from the ESN ( you select the local service company you would like your purchase credited to. The service provider you choose will now be the one who services your machine which will most likely include installation, training in maintenance and operation and warranty repair. The additional benefit is your service provider will now be the one who receives the profit from your purchase, a healthy portion of which they will use to support a healthy part replacement inventory, obtain advanced technical training, and secure other resources that will directly affect the quality of service you receive in the future for your equipment and business.

The Espresso Service Network provides you an on-line market place where you can shop and receive accurate information as well as consultation from an experienced commercial field espresso service technician, not a salesman. We showcase and sell equipment from manufacturers that are well known for their quality and who are committed to service support as soon as a machine begins service.

The Espresso Service Network Sales Program was developed to help encourage and make it easier for you to purchase your commercial espresso equipment from your local espresso service provider. In the past, purchasing local and direct has not been easy. Most service companies are dedicated to responsive repair work which has resulted in much of the commercial equipment sales being handled by other types of espresso related retailers. The results have been consumer dissatisfaction ranging from the size and style of equipment selected, to technical training and the quality of warranty repair work received

The ESN Sales program offers you, the customer, the ability to receive equipment consultation from an experienced field service technician while also allowing you the choice to buy from your preferred service provider. The Sales program was created as one of many tools to help improve commercial espresso service. If you have questions about the ESN Sales Program or how the ESN is working to strengthen the commercial espresso service industry, please contact us at 509-558-8081 Ext. 1.

Your selected service provider will be responsible for providing the services detailed in your ESN “Sales and Service” agreement, which may include, but are not limited to installing and providing warranty repair services during your equipment’s warranty period.

If you choose to purchase your equipment through the Espresso Service Network, you are asked during checkout to select the local service company you would like to have install and support your equipment through its warranty period.

The Espresso Service Network does not make service provider recommendations. The ESN was created to support all service companies, so it would be against our mission to recommend one company over another. To help you make an informed decision to which service provider would be best for you or your business, the Espresso Service Directory ( has enabled a review system to encourage consumers, like yourself, to share their thoughts regarding their experiences with a service company. Many reviews are verified, and in our opinion, a real-life customer’s testimony is probably the best recommendation will ever need.

When you purchase equipment from the ESN, your service company receives all profit from your purchase excluding a commission which is paid to the ESN.

To maintain service quality, your equipment’s distributor or manufacturer may ask that your service provider meet certain requirements to be approves as your service agent. They may ask your service provider to attend advanced training and/or purchase a minimum part inventory. Since you have personally selected them as your preferred service company, they will want to provide you the best service possible and will most likely be enthusiastic and willing to meet all requirements imposed by your equipment’s manufacturer.

If your location is outside of your service provider’s service area, they may ask for additional fees to cover the extra expense of travel to install and service their equipment. If this is the case, you will have the option of either agreeing to the additional costs or changing to another service provider.

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