Aurelia Wave Digit

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2 Group Volumetric (V) $13,050
3 Group Volumetric (V) $15,345




Group Height Tall/Raised Height
Color Options White, Red or Black Panels with Stainless Steel Body
Models Aurelia Wave Digit, Aurelia Wave T3
Dosing Operation Semi-Automatic
Steam Wand Cool Touch Steam Wands, Smart AutoSteam Wands,
or Temp. Control Gooseneck AutoSteam Wands*
Steam Actuation Push/Pull Lever (standard) or Button (AutoSteam wands only)

*AutoSteam wands come standard with button actuation. Push/pull levers are replaced with a Celsius temp display above each AutoSteam wand.

Groups Depth Height Width Weight Watts Volts Boiler Vol.
2 Group 24" 22" 32" 195lb 4700W 220V 14L
3 Group 24" 22" 41" 235lb 5400W 220V 17L



  • Stainless steel body and accents with colored panels for a sleek yet personalized look
  • Optional Temperature Control Goose Neck Steam Wand automatically shuts off when desired temperature is reached
  • Includes a Soft Infusion System to correct improper tamping and help create more consistant drinks
  • 1 Group and 2 Group Compact models ideal for home use, small work spaces, and kiosks


Aurelia Wave Brochure
Aurelia Wave Manual