2 Group Analog Version (S) $20,600
3 Group Analog Version (S) $23,800
2 Group Digital Version (X) $26,200
3 Group Digital Version (X) $29,400



Leva re-invents the iconic lever machine design with more ergonomic elements. Leva is a cutting-edge café centerpiece that encourages engagement, barista experimentation and coffee conversations, while delivering the world’s best coffee extraction. Leva brings with it design, focusing not just on the physical beauty, but also on the satisfaction only found in a truly mechanical system. The user can determine the pre-infusion pressure, shot volume and extraction pressure on each group. Leva’s digital displays show real time extraction pressure on the coffee puck, the pre-infusion and extraction time as well as the pressure curve of the shot.


Group Height Adjustable Drip Tray for Traditional or Tall Height
Color Options Customized colors based on RAL color system
available upon request
Dosing Operation Manual Dosing
Steam Wand Cool Touch Steam Wands
Steam Actuation Lever


Groups Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Brew
2G Analog 31.5" 25.5" 30.5" 218lb 5200W 208-240V 3.4L 8.2L
2G Digital 31.5" 25.5" 30.5" 218lb 5700W 208-240V 1.3L x2 8.2L
3G Analog 40" 25.5" 30.5" 284lb 6800W 208-240V 5L 11.8L
3G Digital 40" 25.5" 30.5" 284lb 7800W 208-240V 1.3L x3 11.8L


  • Adjustable drip tray to accommodate small shot glasses or tall to go cups. 
  • The Leva Digital Version (X) comes standard with individual boilers for flavor profiling and product consistancy.
  • PID Control - helps reduce the temperature variability to create a more consistant brew temperature.
  • Eco mode programming allows machine to lower tempurature and save energy when not in use.
  • Adjustable temperature for hot water tap.


Leva Manual

Leva Product Sheet