VA 358 White Eagle Digit

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2 Group Volumetric Dosing (V) Digit $13,050
3 Group Volumetric Dosing (V) Digit $15,345




Group Height Tall/Raised Height
Color Options Black with Stainless Steel or Custom Color
Models VA 358 White Eagle Digit, VA 358 White Eagle T3
Dosing Operation Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Standard Wand, Auto-Steam Wand, or Temp Control Gooseneck
Steam Actuation Push/Pull Lever


Groups Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Boiler Vol.
2 Group 33" 26" 20" 160lb 4500W 208-240V 14L
3 Group 42" 26" 20" 200lb 5200W 208-240V 17.3L



  • Comes standard with cool-touch steam wands. No burns, no worries!
  • Low-profile offers a more open and welcoming environment where baristas and customers can easily and comfortably communicate with their barista!


VA 358 White Eagle Manual

VA 358 White Eagle Brochure

VA 358 White Eagle Digit 2 Group Spec Sheet

VA 358 White Eagle Digit 3 Group Spec Sheet


Originally the White Eagle by Victoria Arduino had the exact design as the now discontinued Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digit excluding its distinctive exterior. The White Eagle has exposed groups and is built with a unique design to be a prominent ornament for any espresso bar or business. The White Eagle’s lower profile provides baristas and patrons a way to more easily connect making interactions more personal and friendly.  In the past few years, Nuova Simonelli introduced a new and improved espresso machine to replace the Aurelia II Digit called the Aurelia Wave V. You can see it here. Surprisingly, the Aurelia Wave V came out at a significantly lower price than the Aurelia II Digit and with improved electronics. What you’ll get with the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave that you will not get on the Victoria Arduino White Eagle is the ability to have automatic steam wands on both sides of the machine. The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave also offers features such as equipment diagnostics, hot water wand volume adjustment for multiple settings, LED Barista lighting, energy saving on/off programing, prompts for maintenance and a power save mode. Espresso Service technicians recommend the White Eagle to their customers for its distinctive design and the quality of materials used throughout the machine making its temperature stability one of the best in the traditional category of espresso machines. The White Eagle comes with your complimentary choice of manual or automatic steam wands. Victoria Arduino also offers a T3 version which moves away from a heat exchanger design to a multiple boiler system giving operators more control over brewing temperature and coffee flavor.