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Pure Coffee 2-Step (plumbed) $11,000
Pure Coffee 2-Step (self-contained) $11,000
Quick Milk 1-Step with Quick Milk Fridge (plumbed) $12,800
Quick Milk 1-Step with Quick Milk Fridge (self-contained) $12,800




Group Height Adjustable Brew Group Height
Dosing Operation Automatic 1-Step or 2-Step
Steam Wand Manual Steam Wand Only
Water Source Direct-Connection (plumbed) or Self-Contained (pour over)


Model W xD x L Weight Watts Volts
Pure Coffee 12" x 23" x 31" 126lb 6000W 220V
Top Milk with Top Milk Fridge 24" x 23" x 31" 190lb 6000W 330V



  • The Egro NEXT comes with a fixed android tablet for an app-controlled user interface.
  • Comes standard with two self-adjusting grinders that regulate the grind to maintain consistancy even with enviornmental changes.
  • Only Egro machine that is compatable with the Cool Coffee Module that helps drop the tempurature of the drink so that added ice will not quickly water down the taste quality.


ZERO+ Brochure

ZERO+ Pure Coffee User Manuel

ZERO+ Pure Coffee Spec Sheet

ZERO+ Quick Milk Spec Sheet